What is Historic Tech.com?

This site is NOT a museum and almost all items are for sale. Instead Edd goes in search of iconic, rare and unique pieces that mostly help to tell the story of the global Electronics Revolution of the last 70 years. It is a story that combines science and design with social history. When even older special pieces appear we are of course happy to sell these as well. Our simple aim is to help preserve the material pieces that matter, and put them in the hands of the people who will appreciate them the most.

Aimed at the discerning collector, investor or perhaps museum, every item on historic tech.com is carefully hand-picked. The items are backed up with a level of academic and historical accuracy and market understanding that we think makes them great social and economic investments. With this approach, we are proud to be one of the first sites to embrace Vintage Electronics through the connoisseur’s eye. Like the field of collectable electronics itself, we recognise that our expertise is young and growing and we can only hope to succeed with your patronage and advice.

Our buying policy will always be one of quality over quantity, and in all instances age is not the defining virtue for our stock but cultural importance. This is because the pace of technological change has made some inventions (even from just a few years ago) seem positively archaic, and others instantly timeless.

About Edd

Edd has over a decade of experience working within the antiques field in the UK as a highly respected dealer, writer and story teller of ‘stuff’. He has been trading under the name of eddintheclouds antiques and has been an avid collector of many varied and eclectic fields since childhood.

While it would be lovely to say Edd spent his youth recoding computers and hand-building amplifiers, that sadly is not the case. Instead as a child of the 1980s and 90s he grew up in the heady world of the Electronics boom, experiencing first-hand how these products were influencing us the excited consumer.  And that is probably where his primary interest in this collectables field lies- their importance as cultural relics (and sometimes as mighty fun toys too!).

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