Boxed National Co ‘Microphone Dancer’ Toy – 1932

This Microphone Dancing Man was made by the National Company in the US and dates to 1932. Offered working and in is original box it is a fun and rare thing! It takes 4x D sized batteries to the underside which when switched on vibrates a metal plate effectively causing the man to ‘dance’. In reality it is more toe-tapping than a full dance routine, but the best bit is when you connect the accompanying ‘microphone’ and place it beside a source of music (or use your own voice) it will dance in response. As it says in the instructions it was intended to work beside a gramophone or radio.

Overall everything is original and very untouched. The box is worn as to be expected. You sometimes need to give the black base a little tap to help it start and the mic setting is not fantastically responsive but does work. For a novelty toy from 1932 what can you expect!

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