Boxed Seiko T001 TV Watch

Released in 1982, the screen on the Seiko T001 TV watch measured just 1 1/4 inches wide. It was named the smallest TV in the world at the time by the Guinness Book of Records and won popular fame when a version was used in the 1983 James Bond Film Octopussy. It was also worn by Tom Hanks in the 1987 movie Dragnet.

Viewing the TV required the user to connect the pocket-sized receiver  as well the headphones (which acted as an aerial). The tiny screen was one of the very first commercially used LCD screens for TV. You could also listen to the radio with the receiver.

This example comes almost complete (batteries missing only) and boxed (inc extra watch strap links). The items have been used but only lightly. The receiver can pick up the radio, but because the UK went over to digital some years back we’ve been unable to test the TV out.


The box has some tape mark damage and there is some residue dust under the glass of the watch which  could be cleaned out. We have put a brand new battery in and the watch seems to tell the time and show the alarm fine, though can’t seem to get the timer to work. Probably it needs a professional service. We have not tested the headphones yet.

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