‘Running Cola is Africa’- Iconic 1968 Computer Art Lithograph

This iconic image titled ‘Running Cola is Africa’ was created by Masao Kohmura and the Computer Technique Group in 1967/8 and was featured in the seminal Cybernetic Serendipidy Exhibition in 1968.  Using a computer algorithm and plotter, it is considered the first example of transformational computer art to be produced.

In 1968 Motif Editions decided to release a limited run of 7 lithographs from the Cybernetic Serendipidy show of which this is one example. It is unclear how many of each image were produced by Motif but it would not have been very many and is a rare print today.

This example is in good condition overall considering and the relatively thin paper is still quite fresh. Pin marks shows evidence of it having been hung at some point and there is bumping, creases and light tears along the bottom edge. This is also an old Scotch tape mark that shows through to the front, but a sympathetic mount will cover most of this up.

Paper Size: 76cm wide x 51cm high

As an important and memorable image in the history of Computer Art examples of this print are held in top museums including the V&A.

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