Boxed Pogo Mobile Phone


This Rare and unusual Pogo Phone is in good boxed condition. It is working although only when connected to the mains as the battery no longer holds a charge on its own. The phone and charger was for the UK market so has an English three pin plug and runs off 240v.  It is missing its stylus and headphones but is otherwise complete.

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This is one of those unusual and forgotten phones that would be great for any collection as well as long term investment. It was estimated that only 5000 units of the Pogo were ever produced and that only 1200 people actually subscribed to their internet browsing service. Since the web-browsing feature was its big draw, one can assume that actual sales were probably only in the low thousands at best.

The Pogo was launched in the UK in the Winter of 2001. and was withdrawn only 12 months later.

With the usual MP3, Messaging and Phone capabilities, it was the design and touchscreen capabilities combined with its very impressive web browsing speeds that earned the Pogo the ‘best new handset device’ award in 2002. By automatically connecting to one of Pogo’s own servers (rather than the internet as a whole) the user could bypass the problem of slow 2G download speeds that other handsets were experiencing. It was a clever solution to the problem, but sadly the phone was both over-priced and mis-timed. By 2002 the other networks and providers were pressing hard to launch their new 3G handsets in the UK which offered far better browsing speeds than the old 2G. By the end of 2002 the parent company went into liquidation and the Pogo consigned to the history books.

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