What is Historic Tech.com?

Though it may sometimes appear otherwise, this site is NOT a museum and almost all items are for sale. Instead Edd goes in search of iconic, rare and unique pieces that help to tell the story of the global Electronics Revolution of the last 70 years...

All items are sold purely as decorative items for their historic and aesthetic value, rather than working electronic instruments

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Why is our Tech mostly black, white or silver?

Look at any group of electronics today and with very few exceptions you can guess the colours it will be available in- white, silver or black. Just like Ford’s Model T car that infamously came in any colour so long as it was black, it seems out cherished gadgets are bound by the same monotone […]

Growing the Couch Potato- The first Television Controllers

As I sit and write my TV is in front of me. It is not on because our controller has recently died, and the thought of actually standing up to turn the TV on seems like too much of an effort right now! For those who blame the sofa for the laziness and obesity epidemics […]

Freeing our Music: 1947-1962

While today we are used to the idea of portable music wherever we go, back in the 1940s this was something that was still a distant dream. To hear your favourite tracks required at best a heavy portable gramophone, a stack of fragile 78s, a replacement needle or two and the willingness to keep winding […]

Why invest in vintage technology

“It is not wise at present to collect the things which one’s father or grandfather thought best to collect…….collect the things you like, and, if you can, begin to collect what people will like ten years from now, or twenty. Pleasure lies in the old lines, but profit in the new.”(‘The ABC about Collecting’-Sir James […]