Month: December 2017

“Good Evening…..This is the BBC…”

(as published in West Country Life Jan 2018) Ask people to sum-up what it means to be English, and before long someone will mention the BBC. Like many, I admit I have a certain soft spot for this most British of Institutions. It is not because of their celebrity-soaked competitions, Sunday evening period dramas or […]

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MPMan- The World’s First MP3 Player in your Pocket

  From the time the Saehan ‘MP Man’ first hit our shops in 1998, a new age of music listening was being born. An age that would not only trample on and supersede all other existing formats, but would ultimately prise control of our playlists away from the Record companies, and into our own hands. […]

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The 1970s Computer Tipping Point

We all love to look back at the wacky predictions made during the 1950s and early 1960s about the space age future and laugh. Sadly we are not all zooming around with our Jetsons-style space packs….YET! And when it comes to Computer History and electronic tech then there is often a tendency to do the […]

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Intros and Iphones

  (as published in West Country Life-Dec 2017) I must admit that I was not really into Tech when I was younger, at least no more than your average person. As a child of the 1980s and 90s of course I remember our first computer which was the Sinclair Spectrum in a bespoke hefty metal […]

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