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Space Age Electronics

  When you think of space age design, it is usually the 1950s or 60s that will instantly spring to mind. Who can ignore those spindly atomic legs on a sideboard, bold geometric patterns on the curtains or Jetsons-style tailfins on the Cadillac. Indeed as the world geared up to watch the first rockets orbit […]

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Vintage Computer Games as Collectables

  Over the last few years the retro computer game (retro gaming) scene has exploded in popularity, not only among a nostalgia-fueled middle-aged demographic who remember these things first time around, but among younger millennials as well. Perhaps it’s the wonderfully primitive and pixelated graphics that appeal, the simple yet frustratingly challenging quests, the magnetic […]

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When Computers Learned to Draw

(as published in West Country Life- March 2018) The early days of computing were very much about pushing the boundaries of what the new electronic binary machines could actually do. While much of that pioneering work took place during normal office hours and often involved very mundane administrative and mathematical tasks to service the needs […]

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The Funny Side of Early Computing

  The early days of computing are a fascinating period in history. Beside the giant machines themselves, we are thankfully left with the photographs, scientific papers, advertising, newspaper reports and technical manuals that were all created as a natural by-product of this emerging industry. These extensive primary sources can offer a great insight into the […]

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Wren Luggable and Laptops

(as published in West Country Life- Jan 2018) One of the most important inventions of the 20th Century was the laptop computer as it both revolutionised the way we work and the way we engage with our technology. All of a sudden we could remove the historic walls between our home life and work life […]

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The 1970s Computer Tipping Point

We all love to look back at the wacky predictions made during the 1950s and early 1960s about the space age future and laugh. Sadly we are not all zooming around with our Jetsons-style space packs….YET! And when it comes to Computer History and electronic tech then there is often a tendency to do the […]

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