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Alan Turing & The £200,000 Computer Article

If I asked you to think of a valuable magazine you would probably think of a 1960s copy of Melody Maker hand-signed by the Fab Four, or even a mint copy of the first edition of Superman. These are of course highly valuable and coveted items, but I bet very few people would ever go […]

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PAM 710- Britain’s 1st Transistor Radio

Throughout the 20th Century few inventions had as much long-term impact on the communication and technology sectors as the transistor. Invented by Bell Labs in the US in Dec 1947, its arrival eventually saw the wholescale transition away from cumbersome glass valves, kick-started printed cardboard circuit boards, and helped the miniaturization of our everyday tech. […]

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Cold War Espionage & the 1950s Minifon Wire Recorder

Back in the 1950s and 60s no self-respecting Spy Agency would leave home without their trusted Minifon wire-recorder. Indeed while the Cold War was in full swing, these little devices had the somewhat unique kudos of being used (probably simultaneously) by the CIA, FBI, KGB and Stasi among others. At only 7 inches long and […]

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The CB Radio Craze

(as featured in West Country Life- June 2018) Mention ‘CB Radio’ to most people and they will instantly mime holding a mic and spew phrases like ‘breaker-breaker-9’, ‘big 10-4 rubber duck’ in a bad US accent or even start singing the theme tune to ‘Convoy’.  Interestingly for a craze that burned out over 30 years […]

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Space Age Electronics

  When you think of space age design, it is usually the 1950s or 60s that will instantly spring to mind. Who can ignore those spindly atomic legs on a sideboard, bold geometric patterns on the curtains or Jetsons-style tailfins on the Cadillac. Indeed as the world geared up to watch the first rockets orbit […]

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