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Cassette Culture- the recent resurgence in Vintage Cassette Tapes

  Famed as much for their ability to stretch, jam and tangle their way into your prized music players, the humble cassette tape has been firmly lodged into many people’s hearts. Who of a certain age can’t remember rewinding the tape on a pencil to save batteries, the endless joys of creating your own mix […]

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Anatomy of a Tech Icon (#1): 1st Sony Walkman

  Today the term ‘Iconic’ is over-used with impunity. The word has become the ultimate goal for any self-respecting product and perhaps the only true accolade society and posterity can offer an object. Though nothing begins life as an icon, once recognised, it transcends its daily struggle for recognition and instead enters a nirvana of […]

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MPMan- The World’s First MP3 Player in your Pocket

  From the time the Saehan ‘MP Man’ first hit our shops in 1998, a new age of music listening was being born. An age that would not only trample on and supersede all other existing formats, but would ultimately prise control of our playlists away from the Record companies, and into our own hands. […]

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Freeing our Music: 1947-1962

While today we are used to the idea of portable music wherever we go, back in the 1940s this was something that was still a distant dream. To hear your favourite tracks required at best a heavy portable gramophone, a stack of fragile 78s, a replacement needle or two and the willingness to keep winding […]

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