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Space Age Electronics

  When you think of space age design, it is usually the 1950s or 60s that will instantly spring to mind. Who can ignore those spindly atomic legs on a sideboard, bold geometric patterns on the curtains or Jetsons-style tailfins on the Cadillac. Indeed as the world geared up to watch the first rockets orbit […]

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The Seiko TV Watch- The World’s Smallest TV

        (As published in West Country Life- April 2018)   If you wanted to wow your friends back in 1982, then few items would impress them as much as the Seiko T001 TV Watch. At first glance it looked much like any other stainless steel digital watch of the time and offered […]

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Growing the Couch Potato- The first Television Controllers

As I sit and write my TV is in front of me. It is not on because our controller has recently died, and the thought of actually standing up to turn the TV on seems like too much of an effort right now! For those who blame the sofa for the laziness and obesity epidemics […]

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