1932 Commemorative BBC Broadcasting Album

This photographic album was created by the BBC in 1932 to commemorate the opening of Broadcasting House in May of that Year. It is self titled to the spine as ‘Volume 1’ (although I don’t think any later volumes were produced), and consists of 35 pages containing 95 images and descriptions printed onto card (61 images and 34 text cards).

The album is complete and in very good original condition. While the album cover displays natural signs of wear, the cards themselves are in excellent and quite fresh condition and are free from damage and foxing. The cards are merely clipped in so are free from glue etc.

The album measures 32cm long x 18cm high x 4cm deep

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This is a great little insight into the BBC during the golden age of radio. The album clearly had a dual purpose both to celebrate the opening of the new Braodcasting House in London, and to introduce people through images to some of the existing stars of the BBC. Remembering that Television broadcasting was still some years away, most wireless listeners would have instantly recognised the voices of these presenters and musicians, but would probably never have known what they looked like in real life.

Just as interesting as the portraits are the more technical images that show some of the people at work and the machinery of their trade.

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