1960 Boots Emidec Systems Manual

When the Emidec 1100 was released in the late 1950s it was the 1st large fully transistorized computer system in the UK and as such one of the very first ‘digital’ computers. Created by EMI’s Computer division only 24 Emidec’s were ever built but were bought and used by some of the largest corporations around. The first example was delivered to Boots in Nottingham on 20th April 1960 for public unveiling that summer, and as such became the public flagship of the brand.

This little 22 page booklet was produced inhouse by Boots in January 1960 as an introduction to the upcoming computer that their staff would be expected to both use and work alongside. As such it contains detailed information about the systems and forms that had been created for the computer to work efficiently.

Since this booklet would only have been printed in a very small run, it is therefore a rare and fascinating item.

It is offered in excellent original and well cared for condition. The pages are fresh and it is free from damage.

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