1968-1972 “The Space Story” Radio Reels by NASA

30 Reels of ‘The Space Story- A radio Presentation of the National Space Administration’. Dated between 11th June 1968- 18th Nov 1972 (# 268-374).  There are actually 33 boxes but three of the reels are not The Space Story and probably the wrong reels were put back in by the Radio station.

Each box measures 138mm x 138mmx 20mm.

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Back in the 1960s and 70s during the height of the space race, NASA decided to produce an educational radio series to keep people in the US updated and engaged in what was happening. These reels represent 30 non-sequential episodes from that now infamous series that would have been lent out to partnering radio stations for airing each week. Each reel runs at 7 1/2 ips and lasts for 4mins 30secs. They cover a multitude of topics from launches, training and scientific exploration and include interviews with key individuals.

Please note this sale is just for the reels and copyright of the audio content remains with NASA and no transfer of right is intended or implied.

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