1980s Illuminated Cassette advertising Sign


This over-sized illuminated Dealers advertising sign dates to around 1983 and depicts the highly popular Chromdioxid Super II cassette tape by BASF.

There is some repaired damage to the top lip of the perspex on both sides but is otherwise in very original condition inc the internals. The sign was intended to hang freely from the ceiling so is identical on both sides and is accurately depicted on the base as well. When turned on it illuminates from all three sides and because of the way it has been made, actually looks like the giant tape is inside the box. Constructed in Perspex with reverse (internal) printing this was a European example but has been newly rewired for the UK.

Measures 65cm long x 11cm deep x 37cm high (excluding chain)

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Back in the early 1980s when cassette tapes still ruled the world, there was naturally alot of competition between the different tape manufacturers. Signs like this would have been hung up in your local audio shop to try to entice the customers. The BASF model depicted here was introduced in 1983 and was a high quality and popular tape at the time.  Graphically the wrapper was also a particularly striking one with its Gold and White against the black.

We have shown (and are including with this sale) one of the original BASF cassette example still factory sealed in its wrapper to give you an idea of scale and to perhaps display alongside it.  It is lit internally with short strip lights and although this light has sadly had some repaired damage and cracks to the top lip of the perspex, when hung up it will probably be hardly noticeable. The worst damage has been photographed for you.

This would make a great display item for anyone into their cassette culture.

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