Boxed 1920s Typewriter Practice Keyboard- ‘Tappit No.2’

This is a lovely rare item for any typewriter collector. Dating to the mid 1920s this practice typewriter keyboard was made by Taylor’s Typewriting Company in London and was called the ‘Tappit’. Taylor’s sold all manor of writing equipment including lots of typewriters and it is natural that they would offer kits such as this for people to learn to touch-type. Basically it is just a metal plate on springs but allows you to practice your finger positions correctly.

This example is the Tappit No.2 and is offered boxed, complete and in very good original condition overall. As far as I can tell all the pages are there and the spring under the tin plate works fine. There is a small tear to one seam as you can see in the images and the seams of the box have come apart (but is a very easy job to fix).

This would be perfect for display.

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