Boxed 1950s Protona Minifon p.55 wire recorder

This Protona Minifon p.55 is dated 1957 to the chassis but tax stamped 1961 to the box. I’ve never seen another Minifon box before making it a rare item alone and perfect for display.

Cosmetically the machine is offered in nice original used and complete but untouched condition. Because I don’t have the correct and unusual batteries for this machine it is being sold as untested only. The original reels are still sitting used half way through their spool so who knows what is recorded on them! It comes with its case but the strap is broken and mostly missing.

The Minifon p55 is renown for being used by the major spy agencies during the 1950s, and for a full history of these highly collectable machines check out my blog post about them by clicking here.

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