Boxed Philips N3304 Recording Reel to Reel Player

The Philips N3304 recording reel to reel tape player was released in 1966 and appears to have been a very good seller for the company into the early 1970s. You could easily adjust it for different voltages and as well as an external mic, could also record from a record player as well via a separate lead. The reels ran at 3 3/4 ips. Philips produced several similar machines in the range and confusingly released another model (the EL3572) which appears to be identical to this one.

The 3304 was a machine aimed at the masses but despite this has great 1960s styling, was very simple to use and had and a good reputation for reliability. This example came from the original owner who got it as a birthday gift from her parents in the late 1960s and has kept it in almost as new condition. The machine is in full working order and was reputedly serviced a few years ago but because everything is working fine we have not opened up the machine to inspect it.  It comes boxed (box has some natural wear as expected for its age) and is complete with its manuals, microphone and accessories. Included is an empty spool and one blank reel to get you started. This has been PAT tested for the UK.

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