Cased Protona Minifon p55 Wire Recorder Spy Kit

When the Protona Minifon p55 wire recorder came out in 1955 it was a great success both among civilians, businesses and the security services. This great boxed kit includes most of the parts that were offered at the time. It includes the p55 in its own case with a little notepad in the lid as well as a service manual. The rest of the kit includes a hand microphone, the stethoscope earphones, charger, an unopened reel, a table speaker and the manual and guarantee card.

This kit has not been tested so is sold as is. However it contains everything you need to start your own vintage spy business! Most of the pieces are in good cosmetic condition but the table mic does have sold old damage and the outer case and manuals are worn from use.

To find out more about the Minifon you can read my article here.


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