Dutch 1970 Documentary Reel-Excavating a WW2 V-2 Rocket


This fascinating short black and white documentary reel was made by the Dutch Army Film and Photo Service (LFFD)  in 1970 and is titled: ‘Berging Van Een V-2’ (Storage of a V-2).

The 16 minute long programme (on 16mm format, 180m long) records the excavation in 1970 of fragments of a German V-2 rocket that exploded near Loosduinen, Holland during WW2. It follows the unearthing of the fragments and identifies the parts using a complete example from the Armamentarium in the Delft. It is a great piece of viewing for anyone interested in these notorious flying bombs.

The full documentary can actually be viewed at the Dutch Ministry of Defence site by CLICKING HERE.

Please note although I have visually checked the first few metres of this reel, I have not played it so can’t comment on the condition of the content, however externally it appears in decent shape and the first few metres looked fine.  No rights of ownership are asserted or implied for the content.

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