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Exidy Sorcerer II Computer

This UK edition (220-240v) Exidy Sorcerer II is in nice cosmetic condition and comes with its original Box and one Cartridge. It powers on to the start screen but will need debugging thereafter. The box has some natural wear and damage with a water stain to one side. This is a nice rare machine for your collection.

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The Sorcerer is an early home computer released by the video Game Company Exidy. First released  in 1978 it had a zilog z80 processor and quite good expandable programmes including Microsoft 8k Basic.  Compared to its competitors the Commodore PET and TRS-80 the Sorcerer was quite an advanced machine. However reputedly due to a number of problems including  poor advertising (and probably the surge of other new competitors in the market) the Sorcerer was discontinued in 1980.

It remains a desirable  machine for collectors and is also interesting because instead of incorporating floppy disks it chose instead to use an 8-track case design to load the programmes on the side..

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