Extremely Early Production Phillips EL3300- The world’s first cassette recorder


This Phillips model  EL3300/ 22 comes in working condition with a new belt and complete with its case, microphone, mains lead, instruction manual and a period French advert.

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When the battery operated Phillips EL3300 compact cassette recorder (branded initially as the Magnetophone) was unveiled in August of 1963 it became an instant game changer and heralded the arrival of the compact cassette. The first units for sale arrived at the shops in mid October. This example was constructed for the German market during the week of Oct 14th-20th 1963 making it an extremely early example of this historic machine (infact I have been unable to find one earlier except perhaps at the Phillips Museum).

Although the EL machine would prove so popular that it would remain in production for many years with hundreds of thousands of units sold (as well as countless imposters), this example is from its birth and therefore for the genuine audiophile and investor.

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