Grundig C100L Tape Recorder- The Failed Format


When Phillips released their new compact cassette in 1963 it caused a sensation within the industry and of course spurred on many competitors to try to grab a piece of the new cassette market. One valiant example was by Grundig and the machine was called the C100L. It was released in 1966 and in many ways was a worthy opponent to the Phillips El3300 range.

Grundig’s machine used their own version of the compact cassette which looked very similar to Philips but was actually an ever so slightly larger size. Like their competition the Grundig cassettes were monophonic and could be bought in various lengths. Despite both formats being quite equally matched, reputedly Sony favoured the Phillips one giving them the market edge and effectively killing off Grundig’s version.

Because the C100L was only produced for 2 years and never attained the popularity of the Philips range they are quite rare today. This example is offered in very good original working condition. It comes in its original polystyrene packing box and is found together with one cassette, its service manual, GDM 304 Microphone and stand, as well as the original owner’s completed warranty card for 1967.   On one side of the cassette someone has recorded some live Eskimo Music (which is such a 1960s thing to choose!).

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