Three Early Television Booklets from 1932,1933 & 1937


This group of rare pre-war booklets all relate to the early years of Television in England. The self-titled ‘Television’ edition in green was produced by the Science Museum in 1937 to run alongside an exhibition they were holding that year. It charts the history and key developments to that point, and though not a particularly rare book is in very clean condition.

The two booklets in orange covers are far earlier and much rarer. Both were produced by the Journal of the Television Society(which had been founded in 1927). The first is a reproduced article titled ‘Some Aspects of Television Reception’ by T.H. Bridgewater and dated December 1932 (17pp). Bridgewater was a key figure working alongside Baird in the early years. The other booklet is the ‘Exhibit Catalogue for the 4th Exhibition of Television and Photo-Electric Apparatus’ at the imperial College of Science and is dated 1933 (16pp). As a catalogue of exhibits it lists the different exhibitors but has some fantastic adverts.

When one remembers that the first public television broadcasts by the BBC did not take place until 1936, these two booklets do really come from the very early pioneering days and would be a worthy addition for any serious Television collector or institution.

Please see images but they are offered in as found but complete condition. The Science museum edition is in very good clean condition, but the two television society ones are more worn with torn and ragged edges, some fading, loose pages and light corrosion marks where the central staples are. However as said they do appear complete.

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