Toshiba 5LE-92 Valve Radio


This spherical radio from Toshiba dates to 1956 and was only released to the Japanese market making it a rare and desirable radio today.  Although the shape was quite avante-guard at the time, internally it ran off 5 valves and is mains not battery powered. What makes this radio of interest to collectors is the fact that shortly after its release, Toshiba decided to give it a facelift to sell to the US market. This involved converting the interior to transistors and batteries as well as redecorating the exterior. These revisions would become the more well known Toshiba 6TR-92 radio of 1957 with its memorable bright red Rice Bowl painted exterior.

In many ways while the later ‘rice bowl’ model is perhaps the personification of Kitsch, this earlier valve example with its muted green, white and brass detailing lends its form more to Sputnik and great Space Age design of the 1950s.

This radio is offered in untouched original and complete condition and runs off of 100v. While the radio turns on and the pilot light turns on, it picks up nothing but light static so will need checking. In all likelyhood one of the valves will probably need replacing.  Externally the plastic does have a crack on the lower white section and a  small discreet chip by the handle where the two parts join. Apart from this it is in good condition and should clean up well for display.

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