Toshiba 5TR-193 ‘Lace’ Transistor Radio from 1959

Of all the radio manufacturers of the 1950s, Toshiba designers were by far the most creative. This model 5TR-193 example was made in Nov 1959 and is lovingly called the ‘Lace ‘ Model for its use of real lace embedded under the plastic.  It came in several colours and the royal blue against the white is quite striking.

As with all the pocket radios at the time the plastic used was quite brittle and this example does have a few age related stress cracks as can be seen from the photos (the worst of which can be seen top left of the radio). There is a small rim chip on the inside of the machine that is covered up when the back is on, but no chips visible on the outside.  Internally it is in very good condition and seems to pick up stations fine and at good volume. It comes with its original black leather case which is still soft but the zip is broken.

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