Toshiba 6TM-225s Transistor Radio and Case

This classic and desirable radio from 1958 was the second dual-band radio designed by Toshiba.  Offered in very good cosmetic condition and fully working, it also comes with its original leather case.




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During the late 1950s Toshiba were at the forefront of cutting edge radio design and this is a fantastic example of their craft. As well as a great shape it was also extremely well built giving very good sound quality for its day (and has the longest aerial on this size of coat-pocket machine I’ve seen before).

This is a rare desirable machine and colour combination for any collector and is offered in very good original and working condition. It comes with its original branded grey leather carry case which being a snug fit probably protected the radio from damage all those years. The leather on the case is still soft with just minor wear. The plastic casing of the radio is free from chips and repairs with only one stress crack to the inside green plastic of the volume dial. The silvered grill has a tiny bit of age related pitting only. Internally it appears untouched and still picks up stations pretty well. The battery connectors are for the (now rarely used) Eveready 226 battery. You can supposedly still buy replacements for the 226 online, but if you would prefer we are happy to solder a new 9v square battery connector on as well which will work just fine also.


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