Toshiba 6TR-92 ‘Rice Bowl’ Radio


This very collectable Toshiba 6TR-92 transistor radio was made in 1958 and for obvious reasons is commonly known as the ‘rice bowl’ model. It is actually a really well designed item with an unusually large speaker facing downwards and the dials at the top creating pleasingly smooth rotations each to adjust volume and tuning.

It was made exclusively as an export model for the US and compared to other Japanese transistor radios at the time, is actually quite a big. The floral decoration is over-painted by hand and because of this you find variations on each radio.

This example is cosmetically in good condition with just some age related wear to the floral decoration only. Internally the speaker has some corrosion but does not affect its operation. The radio works well.

Click below to hear this radio in operation. Because of the large speaker it does not really do quiet!

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