Early UK Boxed Sony Walkman TPS-L2

This TPS-L2 is in very good original working and boxed condition and even includes the owners receipt from 1980. It also includes its original and rare ‘binural’ demonstration tape. Great for investment or display.


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Every collection should contain one of these. First released in 1979 the Sony TPS-L2 Walkman would instantly capture the hearts of a generation and change the way we engage with our music. Its story and impact is well documented across the internet but has also been helped along over the last few years due to its inclusion in the cult sci-fi movies ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

Although this item was ultimately made in its millions, as a nearly 40 year old icon the prices have been rising steadily and  shows no sign of slowing down. Complete boxed examples remain the best investment and this is a particularly nice one.

In the early days Sony were unsure of how to nickname their new machine so released it under several different names. It was called the ‘Stowaway’ for the UK market but by 1981 Sony had settled universally on the term ‘Walkman’.

This example was first purchased in July 1980 and nicely retains the original owners receipt for £90.13p !  As well as the machine and headphones, it also retains its blue plastic carry case in as new condition, unopened hanging strap, warranty card and owners manual. It also comes with its original demonstration tape and this tape is particularly unusual as it contains one side of ‘binural’ (early surround sound) effects. Apart from the original Sony AA battery, everything else is present. It is often overlooked that the MDR-3L2 headphones that were made for this walkman were themselves quite revolutionary due to their size,  and so binural samples were sometimes included to show off their quality.

We have replaced the belts on this machine so is all working well. As to be expected for a used item there is some light wear to the case of the player and the polystyrene insert in the box is a bit grubby. The headphones work well but one of the plastic end caps is sadly missing. It is a minor detail but we will try to source a replacement if we can.  The foam ear pads are new replacements as these always deteriorated over time. As expected, the relatively low serial number all matches up on the machine, box and receipt.

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