Unique Prototype Mold for an Acorn Computer Monitor


This unique mold dates to the mid 1980s and represents an Acorn Computers screen that I believe never went into production (at least not in this exact form). Backboard measures 83cm x 58cm. Constructed using mixed timbers.

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This wooden hand-built sand mold of an Computer Monitor for Acorn is a rare survivor and a very interesting piece. When we think of computers we often think of high-tech components, but we usually forget that many parts actually started out in this rough hand-made form. This mold was made by a firm in Cornwall for Acorn Computers and although undated I would place it around 1983-86.

So far I have been unable to find any actual monitors that were produced for Acorn that exactly copy this design, but there are close similarities with some of the business models so this may have been a variation that was ultimately rejected. Although I tracked down the workshop who made it, they sadly closed in 2016 and its parent company have been unable to find any relevant records.

From what I learned, this mold would have been used to create a sand casting from which to create an aluminium casting die in order to then produce the molded plastic components. As such it is the very start of the mass production process and the item that the designers adjust or reject. Apart from a bit of wax to protect the patina, it is offered in very untouched original condition. This would make a great talking point for any Acorn collection or for public display.

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