Unreleased Intel Web Tablet- The Original IPAD


This Web tablet is in excellent boxed condition and appears unused. Though ready to ship they were never released to the general public and instead sold off in a fire sale to Intel Employees. This example came via an ex-employee. It would be perfect for display.

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This is another of those ‘what if’ products that never quite made it to the hands of the consumer and is now an infamous item in the history of tablets.

Back in the late 1990s Intel were looking to get into the laptop business and someone there had the bright idea of a tablet that you could surf the web with as well as play music etc. By Jan of 2001 Intel had announced such a prototype which they hoped to bring to market by the end of the year. Called the Web Tablet or Intel Pad (IPad for short) its concept and features arguably predated the Apple iPad by nearly a decade.

Despite being ready to ship, the project was pulled at the very last minute due predominantly to industry pressure, and instead the stock was sold off in a firesale to Intel employees.

Although a whole bunch of these were made and ready to ship,  it is safe to assume probably only one or two thousand at most survived via the employees.  This example came from an ex-employee who originally bought two and apart from the box being opened, looks in as new condition. The stand that is sometimes shown with these machines was an optional extra and is not included in this bundle.

It came to me packed with a US 110v charger which sadly appears to be the wrong one (probably the previous owner tested the machine when they bought it and repacked the wrong charger. Therefore I have been unable to test if it works and until I can source a replacement  is being sold it for its historic and decorative use only.

For a good overview of the story check out the video below or view these links from cnet.com or SouthWest Museum of Engineering

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