Zenith Lazy Bones and Space Command 600 TV Remote Controls


This pair of Zenith TV controllers are a fun piece of social history and would make a nice display along with the Flash-Matic (listed separately).  It consists of the 1st ever TV controller the Lazy Bones from 1950 and the Space Command 600 first introduced for colour TVs in 1965. Despite a little wear on the Lazy Bones, both controllers appear new and unused and the Space Command is desirable because it comes in its original packaging (which rarely survives) and owners receipt from 1971

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The lazy Bones was the first ever TV remote control but was actually little more than two protruding buttons and a wire to the TV. All it could do was turn the set on or off and change channels, but it began a revolution in our viewing expectations.

The Zenith Space command series of controllers were battery free and worked off ultra-sonic clicks to adjust your set. The 600 model came out in 1965 specifically for the new colour televisions appearing at the time and had the added merit of being the first controllers that could also adjust brightness. The receipt from this 600 example dates it from 1971 and the controller looks basically brand new as though the owner never even bothered to take it out of the packet.

These controllers are an interesting piece of social and television history and would be great for educational purposes. Click here for my blog post that explains the history of these controllers in more depth.